Unworthy. Spoken word by David Lopez


"I also believe that introversion is my greatest strength. I have such a strong inner life that I’m never bored and only occasionally lonely. No matter what mayhem is happening around me, I know I can always turn inward."

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I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything for awhile.There’s so much that’s been going on in my life! I would have loved to share all that has happened, but when life comes at you fast it’s hard to keep up with the little things along the way I guess. 


I have moved from my home town and am now currently residing in a small town in the prairies (more like a village) and am now attending one of the best bible colleges in Canada! What a blessing it is to be here! It is even better than I had imagined. I cannot even begin to describe just how amazing it is to be surrounded by fellow Christian’s, to see and feel God everywhere you go. I am constantly being reminded of His presence in my life, and there is honestly no greater feeling.

So I guess you can say that my life has changed immensely. I no longer feel like a simple teenager who is just watching life pass me by without a care in the world, but I now feel like a young woman, starting out on a long journey that’s going to end with me starting a career. 6 years. Oh man. That does seem like quite an extended amount of time for me, but I have a feeling it’ll go by quicker than I want it too. This is a brand new chapter of my life and I cannot wait to see what the next 6 years or so have in store for me! It’s just one adventure right after the other.

So yeah, I’ll try to write more often. It’s weird, I’m not really sure who I’m thinking of when I write these posts. I guess I’m treating this as some sort of journal that I can vent my thoughts on. Oh well! If you’re willing to pay any attention, then that’s pretty awesome.



I’m exhausted.

My entire being is drained, due to the fact that someone I know is so full of anger, who is hurting emotionally.

What do I do? What do I say to someone who won’t listen, who is so intent on letting their anger out on me, solely because I’m the one person who has given them that chance? Do I succumb to the desires of my flesh, and become angry in return? Do I stoop down to their level and respond with words that were formed out of anger? The thoughts that overpower the sensible ones floating in the back of my mind?

Or do I forgive them, and let them be angry. Do I continue to love them anyway? Even when they push me away? Even when they hurt me?

The easiest thing to do is to retaliate, and become angry too. To make them look like a fool. This is my first reaction, one that would feel good, but only for a moment.

And even though a huge part of me wants to do the easiest thing, I knew that when I signed up for this lifestyle, I wasn’t expecting easy.

I will not fight back. I will not give them what they want. I will turn the other cheek, and let them say what they want to say. Because I know that they are hurting badly, and for that reason I will continue to love them. And even though they may continue to release their anger on me, I will continue to fight for them. Because I know that they are only crying out for help. I will gladly go through the pain and exhaustion that this may cause, if it is what I need to do. Because I know that God will give me the strength I need to help mend the brokenness within that person.
Because He sure isn’t finished with them yet.


The Meeting Place: The Love Affair


How can you tell me
That God’s love does not exist,
While in this very moment
I am revealing it to you?
Are your eyes so satisfied
With the darkness?
Do you enjoy the night
When all you do is grope for air?
I have come to reveal
The Living Breath.
I exist to show you The Word,
And The…

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I could call you beautiful or I could tell you about how God crafted your each and every bone, formed your heart within the safety of your chest, stretched your skin over your slender frame, harbored those rivers of blood within the wellspring of your life, colored your eyes to imitate the sky, painted those freckles as constellations upon your face, purified your teeth with the whitest radiance, rolled out your tongue in the shape of sound, and blew the breath of life into your very lungs.

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The Meeting Place: My God


My God is greater than any desire I may have. That is why I desire him, completely and with my entire heart. My God knows that I am weak, and that I am only made strong through his efforts and love. I adore my God for this reason. That he would care for me and pour out affection and wisdom onto me…

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The Meeting Place: I’m unsure, Father, about what you would have me do. Your gifts for...


I’m unsure, Father,

about what you would have me do.

Your gifts for me,

they’re all still wrapped;

and I’m at a loss

when it comes to finding the seams at which they open.

Even though I am blind,

I’m sure you are moving my hands,

and guiding my fingers.

You know I want to do your will.

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I chose you over them,
Knowing that you suited me.
Although you were conceived
Through complaint and insult,
You are beautiful
In my eyes.

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